About Us

There are so many positives to growing your own food; health benefits, getting outside in fresh air, teaching kids how to grow food, and the pleasure of seeing the plants you grew flourishing! We want to help as many people as possible discover this and more.

Green Shoots Values:

1. Keep it simple: We do all the work so you can just focus on the fun bits of gardening with the best chance for success. We have an expert horticulturist to make sure we provide only what’s needed. 

2. Good for all. We are working hard to make sure all our products benefit you, your family, and your garden eco-system. We limit plastic (like seedlings in peat pots, not plastic punnets) and our cardboard kit boxes can be ripped into pieces and tossed through the soil to retain water. We will offering organic in the future, but for now everything is still spray free, non GM and good for the environment.

3. Respect and openness. All of the businesses we choose to partner with are good people doing good things. It’s really important to us, and we strive to do good by our customers too.

    Our Story:

    Food has always been at the heart of my family, and central to this is freshness and taste. At my parents place someone is always having snips shoved at them and asked to pop out and grab this or that herb, or something for a salad.

    happy little boy gardening

    This idea of growing your own fresh food, and more generally beautiful gardens links me back to my beloved Nana – she is of the generation where everyone would plant out half their garden for food - vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, and the other half for beauty, providing flowers in all seasons.

    Now I see this legacy continuing with my little nephews: they LOVE helping their grandparents and trying new tastes fresh from the backyard.

     For me, I was always too busy in the corporate world for this lifestyle. I lived a hectic life of work and socialising and I was constantly travelling, busy and stressed out.

    thriving garden flowers

    However, on the weekends, I started planting in my little ‘handkerchief’ garden. It became such a haven - revelling in nature and creation literally on my doorstep in the midst of the city. It was SO grounding, even meditative… If I was inside I was always trying to do three things at once but in the garden it all melted away, and there was only in the moment, beautifying, planting, trimming. And then so much bounty and goodness to show for it!

     It got me thinking - how can I help others discover these joys? And most importantly how can I make it easy to fit gardening (most importantly growing herbs, salad greens and vegetables) into hectic lives? And so the idea for Green Shoots was born.

    Founder Katie Jacobs holding Green Shoots Fragrant Herbs & Salad Seedling Kit